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Self Storage in Pitt Meadows Locker Sale and Promotion

We wish to announce our latest promotion for self storage in Pitt Meadows, or the surrounding area :

Receive FREE use of our courtesy truck or van when you rent a new storage locker within our storage facility.  Furthermore, if you rent a storage locker, receive a FREE complimentary lock if you mention the “Internet FREE lock promotion” to our staff prior to renting a storage locker.

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Should you live in the City of Pitt Meadows or perhaps the bordering vicinity, and are also searching for Pitt Meadows storage, make sure you ask for a free lock whenever you rent a storage locker within our modern-day, secure, facility. This offer is only applicable to new tenants.  It can be used in addition to our other storage locker sales and promotions that are described below.

Ideally located for our Pitt Meadow neighborhood friends, our storage facility is situated at the junction of Kingsway Avenue & Mary Hill By-Pass, in Port Coquitlam, offering instant access to Hgwy. #1.

We offer storage lockers ranging from 25 sq . ft. to 330 sq . ft., providing a full range of sizes for your storage requirements.  All interior or exterior storage lockers come with roll-up doors, allowing for easy and convenient storage of your furnishings and belongings.

In case you need heated storage, our self storage units include a climate controlled alternative.  Our hot water In-slab radiant heat delivers a constant supply of heat, enabling a consistent humidity level and protecting your stored furnishings. Furthermore, our facility has an exterior, secure, and fenced storage compound for rv storage, boat storage, or car storage.

Our lockers are separately monitored and alarmed with a digital security monitoring software application.  We now have supervised video surveillance cameras stationed through the entire property, security code access entry gates, plus infra red circumference security beams encircling the facility as well as the fenced rv storage compound.  Flood lights can be found through the complex, lighting up the rv storage compound twenty four hours per day. As opposed to other mini storage facilities, our office manager lives on the property, providing that additional degree of safety and security.

We provide storage services to both private and commercial businesses.   If you need storage lockers for business or your home, and would like the newest sales and promotions, please phone our pleasant and knowledgeable office staff or email us in order to book your storage locker now.

— Storage Locker Sale Promotions & Specials —


Courtesy truck promotion serving Pitt Meadows

Courtesy Truck or Van

We are offering the Free use of our courtesy F450 truck, or E250 van to any new tenant who wishes to use either the truck or van to move their furnishings into our storage facility located in Port Coquitlam.  Use of the vehicles is subject to local one day use, and certain age requirements.  You do not pay for insurance or rental, you only pay for the gas consumed

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After use, just top off the tank before returning the truck to our storage facility. Please call our office for further information, and to book the vehicle, as this is a very popular promotion and booking is required. Except for the “Internet Free Lock Promotion”, this promotion cannot be combined with other sales or promotions.


10 Percent Off on Self Storage for Seniors, Students, and Veterans.

10% Off on Storage

As a way of demonstrating our appreciation for their hard work and dedication, we are offering a 10% discount sale on all storage rentals for Senior Citizens, College students, or members of the Armed Forces & Services of Canada.   This promotion is definitely one of the most popular sales that we have to offer.    This exclusive promotion only applies to new tenants.

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This offer is contingent on our product availability.  Applicant needs to provide two pieces of i.d., such as driver’s license, birth certificate, or passport.  This sale is a discount on the rent, and features absolutely no monetary cash value.   Can be used in combination with the Friend Referral Coupon, and the Free Pad Lock promotion.


Receive 12th Month of Storage for Free during long term rentals

One Month Free Storage or RV Storage When You Pre-Pay 11 Months

If you pre-pay eleven months in advance, receive one month of free storage.  This great promotion is applicable to any storage unit, and to outside boat, car or RV storage.

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Offer pertains to new tenants only and has no cash value.  This discount cannot be utilized if the lease holder were to end their rental contract and vacate the property within the 11 month duration.  This offer can be used in combination with the Free Lock promotion and Refer a Friend discount coupon.  This promotion is ideal for larger units, when you require storage for bigger items such as cars, boats, sea kayaks, or canoes.


Refer a Friend and Save 25 Dollars Coupon for Self Storage near Pitt Meadows

$25 Saving If You Refer a Friend

We will deduct your next month’s rent by $25 Dollars, and will provide a sign-up bonus of $25 Dollars to your friend when you make a referral regarding our storage service.    Can be utilized in combination with any other discounts.

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For the Friend Referral Coupon, please click here.  This promotion contains no cash or monetary value, it is only a discount on the rent.



Map showing location of self storage facility within Pitt Meadows region



Please make sure to click the Question to obtain the Answer

What is the business office telephone and email?

Our phone number is :


You can also e-mail us  – Click to E mail.

What are your hours of operation?

Office Hours :

8:00 am – 8:00 pm Monday to Friday.

9:00 am – 8:00 pm Saturday and Sunday

Closed on holidays.


Storage Facility Entrance Accessibility Hours:

6:00 am-7:50 pm 7-days-a-week.


U-Haul Rental Hours:

9:00 am – 7:00 pm 7-days-a-week.

Closed on holidays.


Any renter who has misplaced or lost their entry password will not be able to gain access to the storage complex, until business hours.  Access to the lockers and outdoors storage is from 6:00 am to 7:50 pm, seven days per week.  Tenants will need to leave the storage facility by 8:00 pm.

What is the location?

Our address is :

Address Pitt Meadows Self Storage

View this link to see the location map.

Any tenant renting a storage locker who has forgotten their access password code will not be able to gain access to the storage facility until the regular office hours.

Our business location on the junction of Kingsway Ave. in the City of Port Coquitlam, & Mary Hill By Pass  provides simple and easy access to the self storage Pitt Meadows region, and the surrounding area.

What is the locker ceiling height clearance?

Ceiling height clearance of ground floor storage lockers is 10′-0″

Ceiling height clearance of Second floor storage lockers is 8’

Do you have to enter the building to access the storage units?

Outside storage units with roll-up doors are accessed using a car or truck.  You merely enter the pass word at the gate and enter the facility from 6:00 am to 8:00pm, seven days per week including holidays.

Our indoor storage units within the 2 storey building are reached by doors on the ground floor.  2nd floor units are reached by a pair of lifts, each one operating inside a weather protected loading bay.

Is my furniture and stored possessions automatically covered by insurance?

We do not insure your stored belongings or home furnishings.   Make sure you contact your personal insurance underwriter to obtain insurance coverage for your stored items.

Are household pets allowed within the facility?

On account of safety and personal liability legal concerns, household pets are not permitted to run free within the facility. 

What kind of materials will not be permitted to be stored?

Any explosive, hazardous, or flammable products are not permitted to be stored.  Items like propane tanks, paint supplies, diesel, gasoline, and cleaners are not permitted to be stored as a result of basic safety considerations and federal legislation.  If you happen to be unsure what can and cannot be legally stored, please contact our office manager at :


or by E-Mail.

May food items be stored within my storage unit?

On account of health and safety legal concerns, food stuff within the property is not allowed to be stored.

Can I store sea kayaks and canoes at your facility serving Pitt Meadows and the surrounding area?

Our larger units are ideal for recreatioinal vehicles, personal water crafts (PWC), and canoes or kayaks.  When storing kayaks, make sure you check the overall length of the kayak, in order to be able to rent the appropriately sized storage unit without any issues.  Some sea kayaks can be up to 24′ in length, so it is a recommended practice to confirm the length of your kayak or canoe before renting a storage unit.

Do you provide heated storage units?

All lockers are offered in heated and unheated choices.  Heat is supplied via the radiant hot water heated concrete slab within the building, delivering a highly effective and continuous heat distribution to the storage units.

Must i have my very own lock?

Yes, you need your own private lock.  Each storage unit is independently alarmed, but nevertheless it is suitable for the use of a standard lock.  For your convenience, we retail many padlocks, in combination with moving supplies.  Click here to get padlocks and moving supplies.

How exactly do I make a payment?

We accept Interac, Mastercard, Visa and cash.  Cheques may be used after the rental completion of the first month.

Is a damage or security retainer requested?

No, a damage deposit is not requested.

If I vacate the storage units early, do I obtain a refund?

Our storage lockers, RV storage, boat storage, or car storage, are leased and paid for one month in advance.   Our policy is a one month minimum storage unit tenancy.  Following the one month, any unused rent due to an early leave is normally pro-rated, and returned back to the leaseholder.

When my rental term is complete, how do I check out of the storage facility?

Lease holders who will be moving out from their storage locker are required to notify us 7 days ahead of time in advance of vacating the property.  Renters are responsible for all due payments until the moving date.  Make sure you notify our business office 7 days before vacating the building.

Does the facility provide storage truck & delivery service?

It is the clients’ responsibility to employ movers or move by themselves in to the storage facility.  We only provide a U Haul moving truck rental service.

Are there late payment fees on overdue rent?

A fee will be imposed if the tenant’s storage rent is overdue.  In addition, entry to your storage unit will be denied till the account is in good standing.

Is the storage facility affiliated with U Haul?

We are not owned by U Haul.  Our company is 100% independently and regionally owned.  Any sales or specials made available by U-Haul will not be redeemable by us.  To receive any U Haul promotional offers, please make sure to email or call U Haul.

How many times am I allowed to have access to my storage unit?

You may access your storage locker as frequently as you desire.

What is the security of the facility?

We have state of the art surveillance coupled with monitoring systems to provide the latest security and safety for the storage of your furnishings and personal property.  Our security video cameras are situated throughout the inside and outside of the storage facility.  Also, the RV storage, boat storage, or car storage outside parking lot includes numerous overhead security cameras, offering panoramic footage of the parkade.  Similarly, the facility and parking lot are surrounded by infra red beam security, perimeter security fence, and flood lights illuminating the facility during the night.

All storage units are separately monitored and alarmed with a surveillance computer system.  Access to the complex is controlled by a pass word entry gate.  As a customary and established feature, we have our facility supervisor residing at the storage facility providing extra security and assurance.

What exactly are the locker door sizes?

Indoor storage units have doors which are 3’wide x 6′-6″ high.  You can get lockers with traditionally hinged entry doors as well as roll-up doors.

Outdoor lockers contain roll-up doors which are 8′ x 8′, except for 11’x30′ storage units.

Our 11’x30′ storage units contain doorways which are 9′-0″ w x 8′-0″ h.

Access to your storage unit is throughout 6:00 am to 8:00 pm, 7 days a week, including holidays.

May I buy moving boxes as well as packing supplies?

Yes, we have a retail display room which has a full variety of moving boxes and packing supplies.  Click here for our moving boxes & packing supplies.

Do the units contain electric plugins? May I plug in power tools?

The units do not possess any kind of provisions to accommodate electrical tools or home appliances.  Each and every storage unit contains ceiling lights regulated by a timer.



Our storage facility, is 100% regionally owned & operated, featuring climate-controlled and separately monitored storage units.  We offer a very high level of security safeguards by offering video camera supervised surveillance, individually alarmed self storage lockers, password front gate access, circumference infra-red beam alarm system, parking lot and building flood lights, perimeter full height fencing, as well as an on-site manager living on the property.

Our storage facility is conveniently located at the intersection of Kingsway Ave. in Port Coquitlam, & Mary Hill By-Pass, enabling quick and convenient access to Highway #1, City of Pitt Meadows, and the bordering Tri City region.  The storage lockers come with radiant floor heat, offering optimal conditions for the safe keeping of your valuables and moisture vulnerable furnishings.   Locker unit sizes are available from 330 square feet to 25 square feet, unheated or heated, along with o/h roll-up garage style doors.  Interior ceiling height of our main ground storage units is a spacious 10’ in height.  For the business minded, we also offer a mailbox service, in addition to a full and complete compliment of moving and storage supplies.

Our outdoor parking lot is perfect for boat storage, car storage or rv storage.  The parking compound is secured and alarmed with perimeter infra-red beams, supervised with around the clock cameras, and is surrounded with secure full height fencing.

To receive a self storage Pitt Meadows 100% free pad lock offer, be sure to call us at :


and ask for the “free internet lock offer” upon the rental of your storage unit.  This specific promotion is only available to new renters, and can be used along with our additional and various sales and promotions as described above.

The subsequent features are highlights of our storage facility :




  • Convenient access to Mary-Hill By-Pass & Hwy #1, offering quick access to the self storage Pitt Meadows area, and the Tri-City region.
  • Highly experienced and hospitable office workers and management.
  • 2 elevators per building offering quick and easy access.
  • Secure furnishing storage with your own key, lock, and security password.
  • Quick ground level storage unit access.
  • Handicapped facilities are available inside the property.
  • Wide drive aisles throughout the complex provide you with simple and easy access.
  • Every single storage unit incorporates fire suppression sprinklers for extra safety and protection.
  • Climate sheltered loading bays.
  • Outdoor boat storage, car storage or rv storage parking with security flood lighting.
  • Security system monitored and managed by our staff and by a third party security firm.
  • Security fencing monitored and alarmed with the help of perimeter infra red  beams.
  • 24 /7 video cameras and electronically supervised security alarm system.
  • Experienced staff members available for support during open business hours.
  • Individually alarmed storage lockers with door sensors.
  • Automated fire sprinkler system fully supervised and monitored.
  • Security video cameras all through the facility and parkade.
  • Facility supervisor residing on site.
  • Wide-ranging selection of storage locker sizes readily available to lease.
  • Business stock and equipment for regional home business.
  • Home furnishing, business inventory, paper records and documents.
  • RV storage, boat storage, or car storage
  • Domestic and personal possessions, clothing, house furniture.
  • Mail boxes and distinctive addresses are available for home business or personal use
  • Business records and data storage.
  • Obtain an absolutely free lock utilizing the self storage Pitt Meadows promotional sale.

Will You Require Storage Space?

Will You Require Storage Space?

Storage while you are Selling a Property.

When the decision is made to sell your home, storage becomes an essential service in achieving that goal.  Relocating from one household to another is far more convenient once you have a location to store your personal furnishings.   Throughout the course of the move, it rarely becomes an effortless and pleasant experience as you move from the old house and into the new.  Many consumers use mini storage facilities well before selling their house, so they can de-clutter their property and offer a presentable household that will facilitate the sale.  Within the real estate investment business it really is no mystery that a clean and presentable home will sell a lot quicker than a house whose owners never have considered this issue.  Once one realizes that the use of self storage facilities is a beneficial and an essential service, the chances of selling your house are greatly increased.  Present market is very competitive, and every seller must take all possible precautions in order to facilitate and expedite the sale of their house.

Storage while Building a New Family home

Regrettably, when building a brand-new house, the building process is usually longer than originally envisioned.  A lot of people who built their house have to move in with their friends or family, residing in basement suites or tiny living quarters, as they excitedly anticipate the completion of their new home.  During this period, the services offered by a local storage complex can be instrumental in the completion of the house.  Storing your precious furniture in a safe and climate controlled self storage complex, enables the protection and safe keeping of your belongings and assists in making the construction process of the new residence as effortless as possible.

Small Family Business Storage

The use of self storage companies by small business is becoming more common over time.  Because of high real estate property prices, a small business operator may be forced to reside in a rental or condo with limited available space for storing.  This is the reason, self storage companies provide an essential service for the small business operator, since it offers cost-efficient storage located suitably within a busy metropolis, permitting the profitable growth of the business and owner.

Difficult and Unlucky Circumstances

Life, as we know, not only has a way of offering joyful and fortunate circumstances, it also delivers ill-fated instances that need to be handled in a sensible approach.  Occurrences which can include breakup, health issues, bankruptcy proceeding, or real estate foreclosures, are typically significant and life-changing events.

During these difficult times, the use of a mini storage facility become inevitable.  Use of such facilities are a suitable answer, since they provide temporary storage needs for clientele during difficult and demanding times.  An expertly administered self storage complex will have experienced office workers who will supply a sympathetic and essential service in a discrete, productive, and timely manner.

Mini Storage for Personal Lifestyles, Hobbies, and Interests

Storage facilities are often used to enhance a customers’ life style.  They can play a significant role by providing an area of refuge to customers residing in a crowded apartment with limited storage space.   Whether it is indulging in ones hobby or preferred pastimes, such as building r/c boat models, trains, stamp collection, or collecting football cards,  a modern self storage business can offer heated / unheated storage lockers for the safe and secure protection of their clients’  cherished personal belongings.

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